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The world’s premiere culturally competent customized
maternal health application and services.

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At Mommy Monitor our mission is to meet all mothers at their?INDIVIDUAL?NEEDS?and to provide solutions for a?SAFE?and?HAPPY?pregnancy. We trust that when we help mothers’?REDUCE STRESS, by providing culturally sensitive care?AND EDUCATION?during their pregnancy. In doing so we can?REDUCE HEALTH ISSUES?and help?KEEP BABIES AND MOTHERS?healthy. We are committed to being the?WORLD’S BEST PATIENT CENTERED AND CULTURALLY COMPETENT INTEGRATED MATERNAL HEALTH CARE APP?and?IMPROVING THE HEALTH OF MOTHERS, one pregnancy at a time.

Our Values


We at Mommy Monitor wholly engage in and support education in various forms,specifically
by engaging communities and exchanging knowledge.


We at Mommy Monitor value the importance of empowering individuals by using knowledge, capacity building and support to build self efficacy and autonomy

Cultural Competency

We at Mommy Monitor believe that for women’s health care to be responsive and
experienced holistically, the patient needs to be an informed partner in an integrated model of care with her provider.

Health Equity

We at Mommy Monitor acknowledge the presence of inequities in health care and
by engaging communities and exchanging knowledge.We at Mommy Monitor acknowledge the presence of inequities in health care and
create and implement solutions that support the opportunity for change